Welcome to Shadd Online Learning!

As of Tuesday May 19, classes at Shadd classes will resume ONLINE

This means that there will be formalized learning and competency evaluation.


On Tuesday May 5, students will have access to program-specific learning materials

To prepare for the resumption of studies, our teachers have compiled extensive competency
exercises and resources for their students, with more material being generated every week.


Our online learning platform

Online learning, lessons, and assignments will be available on Microsoft Teams.

To use Microsoft Teams, students must request their personalized EMSB email address using
the form below. The EMSB email address will grant students access to the entire Microsoft
Office 365 for free.


To acquire the EMSB email and gain access to Teams

Fill out the email form below and read the Terms & Conditions. Your email will NOT be sent if
you do not click “I agree”
. The student will receive an email from a staff member
with their personalized email, temporary password, and a PDF explaining how to activate the
email address. The student will then be added to their program’s channel where they will have
access to their program’s competency materials and online learning.

*Note: Computer Graphics students have already acquired their EMSB email and do not need to
request access. If the student has forgotten their email, please use the form below and in the
message box, write: “I have forgotten my email/password”.
The student will receive their email and new temporary password and will
follow the steps on the EMSB sign-in page.


Required fields are marked *


User Agreement

Please read the terms and conditions here.

I have read and I understood the Policy on the Appropriate Use of Information and Communication Technology. I agree to abide by it and understand that any violation of any provision may result in the loss of access privilege and school or centre sanctions. The user agreement is available on the school board website www.emsb.qc.ca

All materials belong to the English Montreal School Board.

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