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Looking for an Intern?

If your company is looking for an accounting and/or secretarial-trained individual, or you would simply like an intern for your office, we can definitely help! Contact Raffaella at our stage office. She can be reached at (514) 484-0485 extension 5858 or by email at

Continuing Education

Obtain new qualifications or improve existing skills to get the experience you need to succeed in your career.


Our centre is accredited by ASSTSAS for PDSB (Moving Patients Safely). Our Assistance in Health Care students learn the proper body mechanics & skills to transfer patients safely & receive a card from l’ASSTSAS for their training.

Heart & Stroke Foundation

In partnership with the Heart & Stroke Foundation & their instructors, our students receive First Aid Certification & CPR card.

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Shadd Health & Business Centre

We were conceived to meet the needs of a diverse student community, a standard we are extremely proud of & are committed to maintaining & improving. You have chosen to take a challenge by pursuing a DVS. We use the word challenge because, for some of you, this is the first time you are studying in your newly-adopted country of Canada; for others, it may be a return to school after years in the workplace or raising a family.

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Heart of the City

We have a great location with easy access by bus or metro just 10 minutes away from downtown Montreal.

Built on Reputation

For more than 15 years we have been offering state of the art education & training in the business & health sectors.

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